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Foul Mood.

I had a bad day, I walk around with the most sourest dirtiest look on my face yet people still come up to me and try and talk to me? WTF! CLEARLY ITS WRITTEN ALL OVER MY FUCKING FACE I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT MY TATTOOS, I AM NOT FUCKING INTERESTED IN WHAT YOURE SELLING, I WILL NOT GIVE YOU MY NUMBER I AM NOT FUCKING INTERESTED IN THE WALES. FUCK!

In accounting i just kept making mistakes it was a horrible feeling blergh. I got last weeks exam back i got 32.5/39 that's good, still would of liked full marks but hmmm.

Then afterwards i was dying for some sushi i thought it would cheer me up and of course on a bad day i forget my keycard had no money on me what so ever grrrrr.

Do you ever just have reallly bad days and when you cross the road you don't even bother looking because you just wouldn't care if a car hit you?? Unfortunately i get these days ALLOT.

To top it off my fucking phone stopped working. Luckly i rang Vodaphone and they set a reset message thing so its working now thank god!
Welll here's my rant i feel some what better it has just been building up inside me all day:(

21st September 2009.

3 more months till my birthday ^.^

Today was a nice day the weather was nice! I study pretty much all day then afterwards went to penrith with wilson & romalyn.
I got this heaps cute floral nighty<3 only $15! Bargain! Ha
Got a screen protector for my phone the girl was reallllly nice she put it on for me and gave me a "vip card" to get discounts etc ^.^
And i got this amazing hand cream from the body shop smells amazingggggg<3

Romalyn got a nokia N97 aswell, grrr. It toook so long so i took Sabbi on those $2 rides ha she loced it, was so cute.

Thats pretty much my day for today. Oh and i laybye a maxie dress i always thought i am too short for maxi dresses so it'll look good with wedge heels<3
Keen to get it out and go somewhere nice ^.^

So yesterday was the "year anniversary"

And i really had a lovely day, we didn't bicker or fight at all which was nice... We went to the Zoo. Hehe 2nd time this year gosh i love the baby animals<3

I'll post some pictures later after my phone finishes synchronizing.... I have the best picture of the lil hippo, meerkat and seal ^.^!

Afterwards Ry bought me a Meerkat toy its cute and sitting on my bed, as we all know I have a strange weird thing for stuffed toys. lol @ me.

Then yeah we went to the markets, she bought me the most beautifulest rose<3 Red roses are my absolute favorite!

Headed to blacktown and got like $30 worth of sushi nomnomnom! Went home and laid in her bed watching a movie. Was nice ^.^


So me and Jaz went shopping all over syndey today was good. All we bought was our Used tickets<3 Hahaah We need to save for our sound wave tickets. Mega excited.
I go on a date with Ry tomorrow, it's suppose to be our "year annivseary" I am soo nervous yet excited. I love her i really do blahhh djkfhsjkdfsdfk >.<

Oh and i took Jaz to get a pair of rayban sunnies and they guy was like "for bringing in new customers you can have any ring you want" so i chose a bow ring! Its sooooo cute :D


i got my nokia n97
its mega cute. Heheh.
Today i went to the movies with dean, we watched my sisters keeper i cried it is seriously such a beautiful movie!
After that i meet up with ry and gave her, her stuff she got me sushi and chyeah. I miss her alot :( but idk if i could say that to her idkidkdik fh

tthen after that wilsoon got me this phone ive been fiddliing with it all arvo! I love it i am typing on it now and yeah eeeeeeeeee.

Well thats all Bai!


I got a new mattress. ITS SO FUCKING MASSIVE!
I feel so little in it.
Some cute girl jump in with me plz?

why the fuck would you do this to me?

what did i do to deserve this?
am i that bad of a fucking person?
i can't fucking do this. i am not as strong as i thought.
dads taking me to get a new phone and number tomorrow i think.
he is cooking all kinds of sea food and stuff i like in celebration of me getting full marks. awh.


I aced the exam. Lets see what i get for todays exam.
I am going to go so far in life and have everything i've ever wanted. AND YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE APART OF IT. I HOPE YOU'RE FUCKING HAPPY. BECAUSE I SURE AM.

I hate you

I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you!

It makes it so hard while im just out doing my own thing and people who ask me how you are how am I meant to say to someone I barely know "oh she broke up with me 9 days before our year"

I hate you. You don't even care about me or how I am.
You're probably just gonna go off and date others while I look like a fuck wit.
Im over crying over you.
Yet as im siting here waiting for my train tears can't help but falll down my cheeks.

I hate you so much.

Safe to say.

It is over. And i am going to be fine without you.
Last time i am going to post about her. Blergh

I've got an exam I haven't studied in awhile eeeeek. Lets hope i remember everything.

I look cute today, hahah modest but yes.
I don't feel like being alone tonight might see if anyone keen for hangz. Hmmm. Bit hard since i have no friends LOL.

I should leave now.